Planet Friendly
Environmental Changes

We all know about the environmental challenges we are all facing at the beginning of the 21st century. At Artisan we ensure that nearly everything leaving our premises is recycled - from printing plates, wastepaper and packaging to the rags we use to clean our presses.

Our computer to plate (CtP) system has allowed us to go fully digital, meaning that we no longer use photochemistry. Photochemistry is the solution that conventional printers use to process their printing plates. It is ecotoxic and the disposal of it can cause groundwater pollution.

Our Environment

What do we do to help protect our environment?

  • Re-planting Trees
  • Re-cycled Materials
  • Solar Powered Energy
  • Automatic Light Sensors
  • EV Vehicles
  • Solar Panels
Facts about Artisan

The pulp, paper and print industry is one of the leading sectors when it comes to renewable energy and mitigating carbon impact. The industry is relatively energy-intensive, but it also has a proven commitment to energy efficiency and is Europe’s biggest industrial user of renewable energy. This explains why the sector is responsible for comparatively low greenhouse gas emissions, at 0.8% of the European total.

  • Artisan use soya based inks.
  • Recycle all of our paper waste
  • Recycle our plates
  • Use chemical free plate-setters
  • We encourage our staff to car share to and from work or use public transport
Our Future Plans
  • We will be installing solar panels across our roofs later this year and installing a new boiler which will run off our solar panels giving a zero carbon foot print. This will run our lights and heating
  • Our company vans will be upgraded to EV vehicles