Planet Friendly

Playing our part in reducing waste

We all know about the environmental challenges we are all facing at the beginning of the 21st century. At Artisan we ensure that nearly everything leaving our premises is recycled – from printing plates, wastepaper and packaging to the rags we use to clean our presses.

Our computer to plate (CtP) system has allowed us to go fully digital, meaning that we no longer use photochemistry. Photochemistry is the solution that conventional printers use to process their printing plates. It is ecotoxic and the disposal of it can cause groundwater pollution.

The introduction of 100% vegetable oil-based inks allows our presses to run with a significantly lower level of alcohol, which reduces our emissions of VOCs – the compounds that contribute to air pollution. Artisan work to the ISO14001 standard for its environmental management system, which recognises a company’s ability to control its impact on the environment and its compliance with regulations.

So, not only are our clients benefiting from our investment in new technology, the environment is too!